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Mitchell's Landing

Coming 2023!



Mitchell’s Landing will be a shining star for the San Antonio parks system.  This destination playground will be located in the 20000 block of Hardy Oak Parkway, set within Classen-Steubing Ranch Park.  This 204-acre park will have 164 parking spots, walking trails, a pavilion, restrooms,  picnic areas, baseball fields, and open-play fields,  all centered around Mitchell’s Landing.

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Adventure awaits those who dare to explore this pirate-themed playground! No pirate-themed playground would be complete without a pirate ship for children to commandeer as they imagine adventures on the high seas, in search of treasure to plunder. After making landfall, buccaneers will trek through a thick marsh in search of a place to bury their treasure. Suddenly the marsh opens up to an abandoned Spanish Mission; the perfect home for the hard-won pirate booty!


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Mitchell’s Landing will be recognized as a National Demonstration Site for Inclusive Play & Youth Physical Activity.  It will be a playground that provides opportunities for social interaction, engagement, & physical development for individuals of all abilities, through uninhibited play.  Mitchell’s Landing has been designed to encourage continual play and promote physical activity for children, benefitting all of our community members.

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Mitchell loved to bring others into play with him just as much as he loved to help everyone around him. So, being an inclusive playground is one way for Mitchell’s Landing to represent Mitchell beyond its name and theme. At Mitchell’s Landing, children with disabilities will be able to participate in active play to a greater degree than they would at a traditional playground. This playground will also encourage multigenerational play by providing access and ease of use for family members of all ages and ability levels, including grandparents and caregivers with disabilities.


"A Place For All Families

To Play & Grow Together"

Community Partners

 Supporting Inclusive Play For Our Parks System
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“Thank you to The Mitchell Chang Foundation for the commitment to expand inclusive play opportunities in our local park system. Parks connect people to people and build community, and H-E-B’s generous contribution is another example of their commitment to improving the quality of life for San Antonio. Mitchell’s Landing will help meet a need in the community by delivering play opportunities available to youth regardless of ability or background.  I am excited about this partnership and look forward to delivering this vision for the community!”


Homer Garcia,

Director of San Antonio Parks and Recreation 

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