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Nile and His Pure Heart

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Nile Wright is the kind of kid you can’t miss. He stands out in more ways than just one. I first noticed Nile at 3T Karate.

You could tell with one glance Nile was going to be every football coach’s dream.

Easily a head bigger than his karate classmates, he also had the broad build that quietly spoke “I can take anyone down.” But with each karate lesson his size became less apparent and you began to see that Nile was a very special child for a very special reason.

I had never in my life seen a child who wanted to take burdens of others and bare them as his own.

The karate class was being especially rambunctious that day. Loud and not listening, the entire class definitely displaying a less than black belt attitude. Enough was enough and Sensei laid down the law, ten push-ups from the entire class. That’s when this beast of boy stood very tall and proud.

“I will do the entire class’ push-ups.”

Nile willfully took the classes punishment. I watched him do his push-ups with more dignity and determination than I have ever done anything in my life! That was when I really took notice. The scrapper in me wondering why would he take on someone else’s punishment.  Then I realized it was because he cared that much about them.

Self-sacrificial, considerate, pure…That was Nile Wright.

This was not the only kind act I witnessed from him. A few months later on Sept 11th, he stood before the 3T Karate class and announced he donated all the chore money he saved up to a nonprofit helping families impacted by 9-11.

Once again this sweet child was more concerned about benefitting others than himself.

The fact that we can give our money to others, blew my son away. He had never fathomed that was a possibility. Niles though, he knew the benefits of helping others even at the young age of seven years old. After this act, I knew Nile was The Good Story and couldn’t wait to let the world know about his considerate heart.

Nile is not defined by his obvious physical attributes. He is not known as the biggest kid in the class or the child destined to play sports. He is the kindest kid in the class. 

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