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An Easter Sunday Sacrifice, Elena’s Good Story

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The good path isn’t necessarily the easy path. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. Hard choices need to be decided upon that we would all prefer to avoid. Time gets thin as we develop tunnel vision just trying to survive each day.

What we forget is that a good deed doesn’t have to be dramatic or large to impact a person positively. A much needed smile, a helping hand up, and simple compassion go a long way! One large act of kindness, in the end is just that….one act of kindness. But several small acts of kindness throughout one’s life time add up to many lives touched and an overwhelming amount of love showered on society.

The Mitchell Chang Foundation’s first Be the Good Story!

It is with immense pleasure and honor that we tell Elena’s Good Story, in hopes of inspiring others to begin their own good story. Elena showed great compassion for a friend and made a personal sacrifice for him. She exudes all that we wish to carry on in Mitchell’s spirit and memory!

An inspiring Easter sacrifice.

Easter Day is such a fun and exciting holiday for children. Brightly colored eggs dot the lawn and woven baskets sit full of candy! To many the religious meaning amplifies the festivities.

Elena’s mom had invited Evan and myself to attend church with them last Easter. We used to attend church with them regularly but as life became busy, we hadn’t been in over a year.

On Easter morning, dressed in their Sunday cuteness, Elena and Evan were eager for the Sunday School Easter egg hunt. However, once arriving at church, Evan began to become overwhelmed.

A friend in need.

This was Evan’s first outing since Mitchell passed and the first time he would be with a large group of kids he didn’t know without Mitchell. Mitchell and Evan would draw strength from each other. Without his brother with him, Evan began to wane.

Elena eagerly bounced forward to the bible study room, in anticipation of the Easter egg hunt. Goodies awaited, hidden in little eggs waiting for children to snatch them up.

Evan on the other hand, felt anxiety build up inside him.

Seeing the room full of children and strange adults was too much for him. Evan latched on to my leg begging not to be left there! Tears ran freely and those who know Evan can attest that tears from him are rare indeed.

Evan decided he couldn’t go into the room and instead wanted to be with me in the chapel. The next thing we know Elena is in tears!!! With her mom bending down to comfort her child, Elena tells her she doesn’t want to leave her friend sad and alone but also wants to do the Easter egg hunt.

It only took a moment for Elena to decide what she should do. She decided that she would not attend Sunday School. Instead she would be there for her friend who was in so much pain.

At that point, it is tears all around, even for the adults! This sweet seven year old child was more concerned for her friend than she was about gaining treats through an Easter egg hunt.

Elena, tearfully took Evan’s hand.

They walked together to the chapel and sat with each other. Evan felt the comfort of his friend, Elena’s, presence. She gave strength in a moment that it was greatly needed. She gave without being asked or without any expectations. She gave purely.

Elena knew the sacrifice she was making. It was not an easy choice at all for a child to make. Of course she wanted to play with the other children and find candy filled eggs. But her desire to help a friend was profound and over rode her own wants.

Elena is the Good Story!

Elena gave up a morning of fun but gave to someone else so much more! She gave compassion, comfort, strength, and sacrifice. Her simple act had a deep effect on another, at a time when it was greatly needed. Elena made her own imprint on the world that was for the better. Way to go Elena for Being the Good Story!!!

We hope you take inspiration from Elena’s story and do your own little acts of kindness. Be an example to children who will naturally learn from our behavior. Help us continue Mitchell’s good story through good deeds and share with us stories of children Being the Good Story at Help us overwhelm the world with good!!!

Will you become part of Mitchell’s good story?

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