All legislative efforts are funded personally by Dr. & Mrs. Chang.  The Foundation supports their efforts.

Need For Swim School Safety Standards


In the early morning hours of February 11, 2018, three-year-old Mitchell Chang’s heart beat for the last time.  He died from complications of drowning at Love to Swim School the previous day.  The very place that Mitchell was supposed to learn a life-saving skill ultimately brought his death.  

He died because of a dangerous environment created by improper staffing, lack of adequate safety standards, poor implementation of what little standards were in place, and inadequately trained employees.  The employees present that night were set up to fail- and they did.

Love to Swim School’s policies and procedures for that night stated two lifeguards were to be present.  There were informational flyers to parents with the word “lifeguards” on them. The swim school where Mitchell died was never able to produce any documentation that they employed a lifeguard position when Mitchell died.  They instead trained staff as “water watchers.”

By misrepresenting training, certifications, and safety standards, Mitchell’s parents were denied accurate information that was needed to make an informed and educated decision on Love to Swim School.  Instead, Dr. and Mrs. Chang believed what they were told and their precious child died.


After Mitchell’s death, his parents found out that the highly profitable swim school industry is not regulated in Texas.  There is no oversight that verifies certification and credentialing. There are no minimum safety standards regarding student ratios or lifeguards.  There is no database tracking children’s injuries sustained at swim schools or parent complaints.

Many for-profit swim schools use similar curriculums, in-house employee certification programs, and safety standards as Love to Swim School.  The Chang Family is concerned that the lack of consequences and regulations will only allow for more of our state’s children to be unknowingly placed into these dangerous environments.

No parent should ever feel the devastation of their child dying due to the actions of a swim school.  Where is the accountability and justice for Mitchell Chang?

House Bill 3357


  • Swim School Safety Standards for swim schools providing lessons to children six years of age or younger in a group of two or more students.

  • Provide a licensing and registrations system that will provide a publicly searchable reporting system for complaints and injuries.

  • On site AED device (defibrillator).


  • Employee certification standards, such as CPR/AED and water safety certification.


Senate Bill 2120

Directs the Health and Human Services Commission to do a thorough examination of the overall current state of child safety at commercial swim schools.  This includes evaluating current safety protocols, identifying areas where improvements can be made, and then reporting their findings and recommendations to the Legislature prior to the start of the next legislative session.  


Mitchell's Bill

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