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Sponsorship Opportunities

$5,000 Sponsorship Opportunities

Featured on Mitchell's Landing Website For 5 Years

Whirlin' Robbin

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.30.39 AM.png

Take a whirl on this Birds Play Pocket favorite! The Whirlin' Robin is designed with soft, curved edges and comfortable seating for children or adults to play together along the trail. The robin egg rocks side-to-side or front-to-back to promote vestibular stimulation and social interaction as children work to rock themselves or others using the built in handholds.

Sensory Cove Climber

Children use the Sensory Cove Climber as a quiet space to rest, relax and gather with friends. It is the perfect place for some sensory relief and to observe play from a distance until ready to join. More than a seating and gathering area, this versatile product doubles as a climbing activity!

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.32.08 AM.png
2016 Ancira Dot Com [CARS TRUCKS RVS] (1).jpg


Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.31.21 AM.png

The Rock-A-Bout allows several children to rock and make their own fun together! It features a powder coated steel frame with tried and tested soft rubber platforms that are comfortable to sit on.

Dragonfly See Saw


Children can soar through the marsh ecosystem on this play pocket favorite! The Dragonfly provides multiple play experiences for children to ride on the back, climb on the tail or use the wings as a unique see-saw. The molded body and head create a tactile piece that is a great addition to any trail or pathway.

2016 Ancira Dot Com [CARS TRUCKS RVS] (1).jpg

Beach Sphere Climbers

Use Beach Sphere Climbers to play, functionally balancing and hopping from one to another. Beach Spheres are also useful as seating options for children to rest during play.


Musical Butterflies

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.49.38 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 12.41.49 PM.png

Inclusive instrumental play equipment encourages children’s musical creativity and stimulates their imagination and wonder for sound. It fosters an excellent form of recreational play that helps ignite a child's innate sense of wonder, curiosity and passion for creating musical sound effects and melodies. Children learn, relax, grow, and have fun all while developing their musical abilities.

$10,000 - $20,000 Sponsorship Opportunities

Featured on Mitchell's Landing Website For 5 Years

RoxAll See Saw - $10,000



With high backs and side rails, each of the four seats on this innovative see-saw are designed to accommodate users of all abilities as they enjoy the rocking motion with their friends. The center saucer is designed for users to transfer easily to and from a mobility device and the durable, heavy-duty springs are made to last!

Kidnetix Twirl - $10,000



Up to six children can stand, sit or climb on the nets while the Twirl spins around the 10' tall center post. With climbing and spinning play, KidNetix Twirl offers a wide range of play benefits, including enhanced balance and coordination, vestibular stimulation and decision-making skills. Nets are constructed of multi-strand steel cables encased in durable vinyl. 

Marsh Reed Climber - $10,000

IMG_23 - Photo.jpg

GameTime's Marsh Reed Climber takes children on an exciting climbing adventure as they move from leaf to leaf to reach the top of this marsh-inspired play event. The rotationally molded, tactile leaves provide a grippable climbing surface or a great place to sit and socialize with friends.  

Balancing Hammock - $10,000


The KidNetix Balancing Hammock is a fun and challenging horizontal climber. The suspended design allows for a gentle swaying motion up and down and side-to-side, enhancing balance and coordination skills while climbing across. The netting is designed to provide optimum support and hand-hold/grip areas.

Harmonic Chimes - $10,000


GT Symphony™ is a collection of precision-tuned musical instruments designed in partnership with Freenotes™ Harmony Park, a PlayCore Company. Add a symphony of inclusive music to your GameTime playground!

Inclusive Whirl - $15,000

inclusive whirl.jpg

The Inclusive Whirl provides ease of access for people of all abilities with its zero entry design. The whirl surface platform is at ground level with no need for ramps or transfer mechanisms. It features bench seating (at transfer height), a large platform surface that exceeds the ADA requirement for turn-around space and handrails for users to grasp while spinning.

Braille Mosaic Tile Wall Mural - $20,000


Example - not the actual design

Our Braille Mosaic Tile Wall Mural will combine both beauty and imagination equally for the visually impaired and non-visually impaired.  For this project, we've commissioned local San Antonio artist, Jerimiah Heye, to design a work of art on the main playground retainer wall that will tell a sensory based Mitchell's Landing themed story that is sure to bring joy to all.

ShadowPlay Tri Runner - $20,000

Shadow Play.jpg

Children and adults can enjoy the sensation of flight with the TriRunner®. The patent-pending design features three soft touch molded seats attached to ComfortGrip™ ropes. As users spin around, the panels' shadows dance on the ground below.

Sensory Wave Dome - $20,000

Sensory Dome.jpg

The Sensory Dome is a fun freestanding play activity for children of all abilities. The mix of materials, along with the varied climbing routes, make this a versatile climber for the playground. The 20” opening can be fitted with a sensory panel to provide auditory, visual or tactile experiences.

$50,000 Sponsorship Opportunities

Featured on Mitchell's Landing Website For 10 Years

Pirate Scavenger Hunt

Pirate Scavenger

Roller Slide With Transition Bench

roller slide

$100,000 & Above Sponsorship Opportunities

Featured on Mitchell's Landing Website For 10 Years

2-Bay Sky Run Inclusive Zip Track

sky run

6-Bay Swing Set With Inclusive Seating



Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 9.27.06 AM.png

Marsh Play Structure - $200,000

After making landfall from the shipwrecked Pirate Ship, buccaneers will trek through a thick marsh in search of a place to bury their treasure!

Marsh Bog Overhead.jpg

Pirate Ship Play Structure - $250,000


No pirate-themed playground would be complete without a pirate ship for children to commandeer as they imagine adventures on the high seas, in search of treasure to plunder.


Susan Naylor Sellers

pirate structure top side view.jpg

H-E-B Mermaid Lagoon - $250,000

HEB - Mermaid Lagoon.fixed shadow B.png
Heb lagoon top view.jpeg

Explore the mythical mermaid caves and seek treasures lost to the sea as the enchanted mermaid invite young sailors to explore their habit at Mermaid Lagoon, brought to you by H-E-B!

Spanish Mission Play Structure - $350,000

What San Antonio playground would be complete without an abandoned Spanish Mission to explore as young swashbucklers and buccaneers imagine and play-out their own daring adventures!

IMG_4 - Photo.jpg

If you are passionate about having Mitchell’s Landing in San Antonio for all families to enjoy and wish to contribute, we graciously welcome any donation you are able to make! 

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